Germany's newest Death Metal giants SPHERON are back with their first full length
release "ECSTASY OF GOD". These guys have been around since 2008 and have quickly
built up a strong following. With one demo and one EP under their belt they have unleashed
a juggernaut with their full length. They play a combination of old school German Death
Metal mixed with newer technical Death Metal. The music has a lot of Progressive Death
Metal in it as well. The fast paced aggressive and brutal old school style merges perfectly
with their tech Death sound. They will take you on a high speed brutal beaten and then
slow things down a bit with some intricate Progressive passages and then throw you into a
technical whirlwind and then smack you back into the brutal pummeling again. The crisp
guitar work of Mark Walther and Tobias Alter is superb. They are like the Death Metal
version of Sam Totman and Herman Li of
DRAGONFORCE. The vocals are done in a mid
ranged Death Metal growls style that reminded me of a lot of the Swedish Death Metal
bands coming out in the '90's. It seems like a lot of bands are going for that classic '90's
Death Metal sound lately. This is fine with me, because I grew up in that era and if they
can do it correctly and give it their own twist like
SPHERON does I am more than pleased.
SPHERON has taken the technical Death Metal genre in a new direction and with the
release of "ECSTASY OF GOD" they have definitely solidified a place for themselves in
the German Metal scene!