MGM (1976)

Starring: Don Scardino, Patricia Pearly, R.A. Dow, Naomi Sanders, Fran Higgins & more.

I saw this movie when I was a little kid about 6 or 7 & was kind of freaked out by it. Now I can't
believe I was. A small town is hit by an electrical storm that knocks out all the power. Some of the
downed power lines hit a bait store & caused all the worms to become vicious & rise up from the
ground & attack it's residents. The town starts to fill up with tons & tons of worms that fill the
homes & devour anyone they can. The story was a bit cheesy & so was the acting, but for it's time
it had some pretty decent make up effects for a low budget Creature Horror film! Not a favorite,
but worth a few viewings!!! I will always have a fondness for this film, cause it's probably the first
Horror film I have ever seen!