STEELD is a Nu Metal band hailing from Switzerland. I know, this is weird huh? When
you think of Nu Metal, you don't think of Switzerland. I thought that was just an American
music style. They have a really solid Nu Metal sound and they would have been huge
during the whole Nu Metal movement here in the states. They would have giving
a run for their money, that's for sure. In fact, the singer almost sounds like Fred
Durst of
LIMP BIZKIT at times, but he isn't obnoxious like Fred Durst. The rest of the
time they have a more Metalcore style that sometimes reminds me of the early days of
SLIPKNOT & PAPA ROACH mixed together. The music here is a lot better written and
performed than most of the stuff
LIMP BIZKIT put out as well. I was one of those guys
that never really got heavy into the Nu Metal scene, but came to appreciate some of it later
STEELD would have definitely been a name that everyone would know by now if they
were playing along those bands of the late 90's and early '00's. If you were a fan of the Nu
Metal scene when it was big, then your gonna love these guys!