"ENSLAVED IN DARKNESS" is the long out of print re-issue of this Crust / Metal
band out of Oakland California. The band has broken up as of now, but did follow up this
original release with five split releases with the bands
& COFFINS. These guys play killer early Death Metal
music that incorporates many elements of Doom & Crust styles. There is a strong
resemblance to the early work of the almighty
BOLT THROWER. These guys are not
ripping them off, but are actually just playing the same style. The crunchy, gritty guitar
sound is where most of the Crust influences shine through. The thick bass barrels you
over and then the drums pummels you. This is where the heavy Death Metal influences
are present. The slow crawl of some of the music mixed with the faster more aggressive
parts bring the Doom elements to the for front. This is a must for fans who have been
hungry for the old school Death Metal sound, but want it done right.
would be like the younger sibling of
BOLT THROWER. That is a really hard position to
fill, but they do it & it's well deserved!