This newest releases from STRADION, is not really a release, but more like a sampler of
what is to come from these guys. The band has been around since 1989 and done a ton of
releases. They play a Thrash / Death Metal hybrid style of music. They are a fully D.I.Y.
type band and they have no Internet presence. This may be why you haven't heard
anything from them in a long time. This new release is kind of a taste of what they have
been up to. The songs are all done pretty roughly and not mixed or anything yet, so you
can't really take the sound quality in to consideration. The music is a bit faster and more
aggressive than some of the other stuff I have heard from them over the years. They seem
to be leaning more towards the Death Metal side this time around. The 5 tracks here date
from 2004-2012. Most of the tracks here are basement demos, rehearsals or rough mixes.
These tracks may or may not appear on the bands next release, as the title states. Some of
these tracks are really killer and I would really like to hear them when they have been
cleaned up and mixed properly.
STRADION has always been a hard band to figure out, but
one that I have always enjoyed over the years!