Every Metal fan should know of the legendary STRATOVARIUS by now. These guys
have been around since 1994 and started out in Finland. The band has been through a lot of
changes through out the years and are still going strong. Their newest album "NEMESIS"
is one amazing release from start to finish. They play Epic Power Metal, with a lot of
flavouring mixed all through out. The band just seems like one of those bands that has a
sound that is larger than life. The music is definately based in the Power Metal genre, but
they add in elements of Traditional Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Folk Metal & even a lit
Medieval Metal. I love bands like these guys because you feel like you are going on some
epic journey or battle with them along the way with each new song. The guitars have a very
strong Power Metal feel with some Progressive Metal as well as some Thrash & Speed Metal
mixed in. The drums are such a solid driving force behind the bands sound with a grooved
out style mixed with fast paced blast and then a slower more melodic beat. The keyboards
add a huge symphonic sound to the bands music as well as some atmopsheric and epic
passages as well. Then the vocals of Timo Kotipelto are superbly amazing. He takes you
from a low clean Progressive Metal style into a clean mid ranged melodic vocal style and all
the way up to a high pitched Power Metal style. These guys have been around for many
years and have gotten some well do respect within the Metal community, but I have always
felt these guys deserve to be on a much higher level than they are. If
reach the status they have, then
STRATOVARIUS deserves to be above them! I love this
band and feel they should be a house hold name as well. Some of the best Epic Power Metal
I have ever heard! I highly encourage everyone to check these guys out!