Self Released

SUFFER THE WRATH hails from Springfield, Illinois and has been destroying ear
drums since 2007 with their brand of Death Metal music. These guys play a very brutal
and highly aggressive style of old school Death Metal music. They remind me of a faster,
much heavier version of
AMON AMARTH mixed with some CARCASS and touches of
NAPALM DEATH. I am a huge fan of all three of these bands, so I was absolutely loving
SUFFER THE WRATH. They have a strong war like vibe to their music, but it is thick
and cold feeling. Then they add in some really harsh and crusty Grindcore like Death Metal
parts that shred through each song at high speeds. It kind of felt like a controlled madness
that was happening, but something you would beg for more. The guitar work has a touch
of Thrash or Speed Metal in it, cause it would go from low crusty grinding to higher
pitched clean technical grooving. The drums had a touch of Grindcore sounds in them and
this is where the
NAPALM DEATH references kept coming to mind. The over all harsh
and brutal sound kind of had that classic
CARCASS feel to it to. The vocals are done in a
mid ranged thick Death Metal growl with some scratchy type Death growls mixed in. As
stated above if you were to combine the great bands
& CARCASS together you would end up with SUFFER THE WRATH,
which means that every Death Metal fan must own this release!