SUFFERING was formed back in 2007 from the darkest pits of Poland. These guys play
a very aggressive old school style of Black Metal music. They may have formed in 2007,
but they sound like they could have come from the early '90's. They play and Occult
style of Black Metal that was very popular in a lot of European countries at that time.
There is a lot of spastic cold harsh aggression spewing forth from these guys. I can hear a
bit of Death Metal peaking out at times, in the not as fast, fast parts. There is a very cool
old school rawness to their sound that brings me back to my tape trading days in the
underground scene. The guitars have that very cool fuzzy feedback tinge sound to them,
while the drums have a killer double bass blasting fury. The vocals are done in a cold
harsh groggy throaty Black Metal growls and screams. This is an absolute must for all
old school Black Metal fans, especially fans of
& IMMORTAL. If this isn't enough killer Black Metal
bands to get you picking up "CHAOSATANAS" from
SUFFERING then you just don't
know what great old school Black Metal is! Get it, that's it!!!