Starring: Ashley Greene, Peter Mooney, Barbara Niven, Stephen McHattie, Cinthia Burke & more.

Summer set out to a rural town looking for her father who she has never met. She meets a young
man who befriends her and tries to help her find her father. He takes her back to his home and the
trouble begins. He is some deranged crazed serial killer who abducts people, tortures them and then
kills them. He locks her in his basement. She is tied into a pit dug in the floor, where he plans to
bury her dead body and cover it up once he is done having his fun. The difference here from other
serial killer films is that he lives with his mother and father. He tries to hide his secret from them,
while Summer tries to win over her captor so she can escape. This is a low budget film, bud actually
has a decent story to it. If you dig serial killer films this is a decent one to check out.