"CUBE 3"

SUPURATION formed back in 1989 under their original name of ETSICROXE & also
played under the name
S.U.P. (which stood for SPHERICAL UNIT PROVIDED) for a
few years and then went back to
SUPURATION. SUPURATION is kind of a unique band,
because they definitely fit in the Metal genre, but have a few different sounds, so they don't
really fit in one sub-genre. They have a very Progressive Metal sound, but they also add in
lots of Death Metal, Thrash Metal and even some slight Industrial Metal to their sound.
The foundation for the band would definitely be Progressive Metal and all the other styles
are built off that. The faster more aggressive & heavy parts is where most of the Death
Metal influences are present, while the faster more cleaner & technical parts, especially in
the guitars is where the Thrash Metal comes into play. The Industrial parts are not as
prominent in their sound, but every once in awhile you can hear some peaking through.
This also comes from some of the arrangements in the songs. The vocals are a blend of
cleaner more melodic sounding Progressive Metal vocals, but the majority are dominated by
mid ranged groggy Death growls. These guys have a bit of that Death 'N' Roll sound that is
becoming more and more popular these days. Thing of a more Progressive sounding form
ENTOMBED or DEBAUCHERY. A killer band with a different killer sound that you
must keep a watch on. I'm sure we will be hearing more and more about
they keep putting out great albums like "CUBE 3".