SWALLOW THE SUN emerged twelve years ago out of Finland. They have since built a
huge fan following and become very big in their home country as well as the rest of the
world. The band has morphed into a very unique and powerful band in the Metal world.
They melt together a few styles to create their sound. Taking elements from Death / Black /
Doom Metal as well as Gothic Metal to produce an amazing sound. The majority of their
sound has a very atmospheric dark Gothic Metal feel, but the other genres are well mixed
through out. They will have a fast paced Black Metal sound that slows down into a sludgy
crawling Doom Metal sound back into a heavy harsh Death Metal sound and then
everything stops and picks up with a melodic Gothic Metal sound. At times they will melt
all these sounds together and at others one style will dominate the sound. The vocal style
also follows the same path as the music. There are some mid ranged harsh groggy Black
Metal growls and screams along with lower ended Death growls and clean melodic Gothic
vocals. I prefer the faster Black & Death Metal parts the most, but they balance everything
out and the styles flow together flawlessly that I loved everything about this band.
SWALLOW THE SUN is definitely a band for open minded Metalheads who enjoy a wide
variety of the different Meta sub-genres together. This was an amazing release from start to
SWALLOW THE SUN should be a bigger more well known band in the Metal
underground scene and I think with this release they will accomplish that! A must for all