SXUPERION is a one man Death / Black Metal band hailing from Mammoth Lakes,
California. The band is the sole project of Lord Sxuperion who is also the drummer in the
great Death Metal bands
VALDUR & WEVERIN. The album was recorded in parts
through out 2010-2012 and was then released in 2013. The music here is done in a kind of
old school European Black Metal style much like the stuff you would hear coming out in
the late '80's and early '90's. It has a really cold and harsh aggressive Black Metal feel to it
as if it was done in some old cave in the hillsides of some far off country in the middle of
nowhere or an small abandoned building in the middle of nowhere. The music is really
fast, sometimes spastic and raw with a dark brutality that blankets the majority of the
sound. When the vocals come in you feel like the depths of Hell have been awoken and the
demons are invade the land of the living. The vocals are very low ended, hallowed and
muffled Black Metal growls/ screams & haunts. This is some really killer old school Black
Metal madness. I feel like I'm listening to some old Scandinavian or Hungarian Black
Metal from some place I have never heard of from those areas back when I was
discovering new bands by writing to them and trading demo tapes with them. This is some
really dark and heavy stuff. If you like your Black Metal to sound like it did back when
this style was being crafted then your going to love
SXUPERION. This is how I remember
Black Metal!!!