SYBREED hails from Switzerland and formed back in 2003. These guys forge together
Metal and Industrial styled music to create a unique sound. They have a some what
aggressive sound & attitude that would link them to the Cyber-Punk subculture as well.
They maybe linked to the above styles, but these guys add in so much more that helps them
to stand apart from most bands of these genres. The music has a very atmospheric feel and
vibe all through out that takes them into elements of Gothic & Black Metal music. These
elements also give the band a wider audience to pull in. The guitar sound has a gritty & dirty
Industrial feel at times, while at others it tends to lean towards a rough Thrash Metal sound.
The drums have a solid cold mechanical Industrial sound and in the faster parts a more
aggressive Death Metal style. I am a very open minded Metalhead and like when bands pull
in elements of all the sub genres, so as this album went from song to song I just kept digging
what they were doing more and more. The vocals also run the gambit of styles as well. There
are mid ranged aggressive Thrash like vocals, mixed with low ended Death growls and then
clean melodic Gothic / New Wave type vocals. These guys bring a lot to the table and deliver
on every level. Metal is definately the foundation these guys build off of, but they add in so
much more. One of the more well rounded and talented bands I have heard in a long time.
"GOD IS AN AUTOMATON" is the bands fourth release to date and the bands best
offering so far. This band is way better than I could ever describe and definately needs to be
heard by the masses! Support this amazing band!!!