TALAMYUS is killer Metal band out of Montreal, Quebec Canada. These guys have been
around since 2002 and with some member changes, musical changes these guys have finally
perfected their sound. Through the years and through the changes you could see them
leading to where "RAVEN'S CALL TO ANNIHILATION" has brought them. Early on the
band played a mixture of Thrash & Death Metal with touches of Folk metal mixed in. Now
they play a really Thrashy Progressive sounding style of Viking Metal music. This new
release sees the band taking influences from their first two albums and mixing them together
for this album. The band has a crunchy Thrash Metal sound and groove, with some
Progressive Metal styled guitar arrangements along with faster and more aggressive drum
parts. The vocals tend to be a blend of low ended Death growls, that are very close to being
harsh Thrash vocals, mixed with Folk Metal & Viking Metal type chants and sing along
choruses. I am a big fan of Folk Metal music and grew up on Thrash Metal so to hear these
two styles combined and done as well as
TALAMYUS has done it was great. Fans of both
Thrash & Folk will find a lot to love about this band. Horns held high to the Metal gods!