Starring: Tamara Riley, Katie Stuart, Chad Faust, Bryan Clark, Melissa Elias & more.

A bunch of jocks in a high school continuously pick on the geeky out cast girl. What they don't
know is that she is into witchcraft & is pulling her own prank on them. They pull a major prank on
her & they get in struggle with her & she falls & smashes her head on a table. Thinking she's dead
they bury her out in the middle of the woods. She returns to class the next day, but is a hot sexy
temptress & starts making everyone pay attention to her. She gets her revenge on the people in
ways that would embarrass them, just the way they did to her. This was a pretty decent film, done
by the guy who did
FINAL DESTINATION. It's listed as a horror, but is more like a suspense
thriller. Worth giving a few viewings to. Check it out!