Tarja Turunen is a Finnish lyric soprano singer, songwriter and composer and is best know
for being the lead vocalist for the symphonic Power Metal band
Tarja left the band and went on to pursue a solo career. She is know for her haunting
soprano and sometimes dark voice. "COLOURS IN THE DARK is her third full length
release to date and by far her best outing yet. The music is done in a kind of Gothic Metal
meets Power Rock meets Operatic music. The music itself is very orchestrated and
symphonic sound, some what like what was happening in
NIGHTWISH, but slightly
different. The dark and cold sound that blankets their music is what gives it a Gothic Metal
feel. The huge and powerful orchestrated sound makes it have an Epic Metal vibe. The
music kind of transports you to another dark fantasy world and kind of flow along with the
music on a unsuspecting journey. Tarja's vocals remind me of a darker version of the great
Sarah Brightman if you was singing for an orchestrated Metal band. I was a big fan of
NIGHTWISH & Tarja's voice in that band, so of course I was loving this, because her
voice is the foundation of this bands sound. If you haven't experienced the dark beauty of
Tarja Turunen's powerful voice yet, then pick up "COLOURS IN THE DARK" and
prepare to be amazed and taking to a whole other world!