TARTHARIA is a Metal band for extreme Metal fans. These guys combine elements of
Thrash, Death, Black Metal and make them hit head on into a huge massive Metal
explosion. I have not heard another band combined these styles any better. They are
meshed so well together that it sounds like one new genre. The band hails from Russia and
has been creating their brand of Metal since 2002. They take elements from the past and
present of the above genres and mix them with ease. The music for the most part has a
Blackened Thrash Metal feel, but is being pummeled repeatedly by Death Metal music.
The fact that they will go from Thrash Metal shredding and grooves straight into some all
out Death Metal blast beats and then into an atmospheric and symphonic Black Metal part
with such ease is amazing. You never see the switches coming and don't realize it until you
already in it. There is no set pattern for what they feed us next and I like it that way. I love
the fact that the vocals follow the same path as the music, but they also add in some
melodic and Gothic female vocals as well to change things up and keep it fresh. The male
vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty Death Metal growl / scream style, but done so you
can understand them still. I kept thinking of
ENTOMBED, but if they were more of a
Black Metal band. "BLEEDING FOR THE DEVIL" is
TARTHARIA at their best, they
have taken their old classic sound and modernized it to make it sound fresh and original
once again.
TARTHARIA is definitely one of the best bands to come out of RUSSIA ever!
Everyone should check out this amazing band and see for yourself why this band deserves
much more attention then they are getting!!!