"FLASHBACK: X YEARS IN HELL" is a compilation album from the Russian band
TARTHARIA. This compilation is not a bunch of greatest hits tracks, but is thirteen
tracks of unreleased or different versions of the bands songs over the past ten years of the
bands career. This is a killer compilation because it showcases how the band has
progressed and changed over the years and well they can combine the Metal styles that
they do.
TARTHARIA combines elements of Thrash / Death & Black Metal music
together as well as some Gothic Metal at times. The music is so well constructed and
transitions so smoothly from one genre to the next. These tracks also show the way the
band has taken some old stylings and modernized them to create a new and fresh sound for
the band, but by still keeping the signature sound they are known for. In the earlier days
the band leaned more towards a Death Metal vibe with some of the other styles injected
in. While today they tend to balance out the styles a bit more evenly. I am a huge fan of
TARTHARIA and am glad to see these guys starting to emerge again in the Metal scene.
They are by far one of the best Metal bands to ever come out of Russia and really do
deserve much more of a spotlight placed on them. After one listen of this compilation or
their newest album "BLEEDING FOR THE DEVIL" you will be able to see why. I highly
encourage every Metal fan to seek these guys out and pick up this and any or all of their
back catalog! Simply amazing, from beginning to end!!!