Norway's TELLUS REQUIEM started back in 2007 and play Power / Progressive Metal
music. These guys must have been playing for years in other bands before
, because there is no way this much talent came to surface in the short time of the
band. They do hail from Norway though and it does seem like there might be something in
the water there, because so many killer bands come from Norway.
definitely one of them. The band plays a very operatic and orchestrated style of Progressive
Metal with tons of Power Metal mixed through out. There is such a full and powerful sound
that it makes it hard to believe it is only five guys. Their music seems so much more
advanced that most of the Prog Metal bands I have heard out there today. The music takes
you on a whirl wind journey from slow melodic into fast paced aggressive twists and turns.
The guitar shredding is some of the best I have ever heard. It reminds me of Steve Vai meets
Kerry King of
SLAYER meets Luca Turilli of RHAPSODY. These guys have blown me
away from the moment the album started all the way till the end. These guys are a dream
come true for any fan of Prog Metal music. As I've said in the past, I'm a little picky when it
comes to Prog Metal, but I absolutely loved these guys! I must seek out their past releases
now. I imagine these guys being a total experience seeing live too!