Self Released

TELLUS TERROR's  adventure began with two people who became founders the band,
Alvaro Faria and Felipe Borges. On November 17, 2012 in Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro Brazil,
these men expanded the band from a two piece to a six piece and started a hybrid band
which includes influences of Death Metal and Deathcore with a bunch of other styles
melted in the music. Which made this band impossible to place in one specific genre. The
lyrical themes are space, life and death, history, aliens, suffering and human knowledge.
They released their only full length album "EZ LIFE DV8" independently in 2014. For
those of you who are science fiction fans who happen to be Metal heads, this bands for
you! I'm not only hearing Death Metal and Deathcore, but I hear some Black Metal,
Doom Metal and Thrash Metal in their music. So,  what ever genre your in to, this band
has got it. If you buy this CD there is a cool booklet that goes along with it because they
wanted their CD cover and booklet the best. With clean and guttural vocals, heavy as hell
riffs, and extremely fast and technically skilled drumming. This band is out in left field
somewhere! But I wouldn't want it any other way. I can't seem to compare them with
any other band because they are unique. There is one thing I can say in comparison to
this band, if the bands
VOIVOD and SUFFOCATION would merge, I think that's what
they would sound like. This is a type of band that you don't know what to expect and I
can't wait to hear more of there material in that future.

                                                                                       - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman