This is going to come as a surprise to most people out there. TERMINAL PROSPECT
hails from Sweden and plays extremely amazing Metal music. I know, right? Who would
have thought a killer Metal band coming out of Sweden. I have always been a big fan of the
Swedish Metal scene and it's bands like
TERMINAL PROSPECT that keep me craving
more. These guys started back in 2005 and combine elements of Thrash Metal and Death
Metal together to create their sound. They do tend to fall right on the line between the two
styles, but tend to lean a little more towards the Thrash side. This is mostly due to the song
arrangements and a lot of the guitar passages. The guitars tend to have that crunchy old
school Thrash Metal sound. They do tip over into the Death Metal side too, but it's more
the melodic and technical Death Metal stuff. The music has a lot of killer grooved out Death
Metal parts as well. Bands like
"HEARTWORK" & SWANSONG" days kept coming to mind. I liked the fact the vocals
are done in an aggressive harsh Thrash Metal style that is almost pushing into a Death
Metal growl style.
TERMINAL PROSPECT will become another major part of the
Swedish Metal scene legacy if they keep kicking out extremely well written and performed
Metal masterpieces like "REDEFINE EXISTENCE". An absolute must for all Metal fans!