Hailing from the Chicago, Illinois are comes the Death Metal band TERMINATE. These
guys were formed back in 2010 & "ASCENDING TO RED HEAVENS" is the bands debut
release. Even though these guys have been around for a few years they consists of some
veterans of the Chicago & New York Metal scene. These guys play an old school Death
Metal style that is brutal, raw, angry and pissed off sounding. They take their influences
from Death Metal heavy weights
. If this isn't enough to get you off your ass and get this release, then there is
no hope for you. They blend together sounds of the Swedish, Mid West & Florida Death
metal scenes to create one hell of a debut release. There is all out blast beats, grinding guitar
riffs and horrific Death growls. These guys take you back to the early days of Death Metal
when each band had a slightly different twist to their sound that made them stand apart, not
like today's scene where everyone is a clone of someone else. These guys would have stood
on their own back in the day and do so as well today. A blast from the past that still sounds
fresh today in a sea of unoriginal & duplicating bands.
TERMINATE is going to be one of
those bands that true Death Metal fans will talk about for years to come, especially if they
keep putting out killer albums like "ASCENDING TO RED HEAVENS". I can't wait to see
what they throw at us next!!!