Self Released

TERRORWAY started back in 2009 out of Italy and has been growing a bigger fan base
ever since. These guys play a grooved out style of Thrash Metal music. The music has a bit
of the old school mixed with the new school styles and sound. The crunchy grooved out
guitar riffs remind me of a lot of the killer old Thrash bands like
& METALLICA. Then they throw in some more melodic and intricate stuff the reminds me
of newer bands like
TRIVIUM & MUNICIPAL WASTE. Sometimes there is a bit of newer
MEGADETH in their sound as well. The faster more shredding parts were my favorite, just
from the rush of energy that pours out of them. The vocals are done in a crossover style of
Thrash meets Death Metal. They are harsh screaming Thrash vocals with lower more
growling like Death vocals. This is really where the band will appeal to not only Thrash fans,
but die hard Death Metal fans too. I really dig these guys a lot and can't wait to hear what
they give us next, because this release came out in 2010. Their newest release is scheduled
for September of this year so look out for it!!!