Self Released

I was quite surprised to find out that THE ADVENT EQUATION hails from Mexico. I've
gotten a lot of music from bands out of Mexico and they are all mostly Death Metal or
Grindcore bands. Not these guys,
THE ADVENT EQUATION plays a very unique style of
Progressive Metal music. The music is extremely well written and very tight all through out.
They have an almost European Progressive Metal style to their music. The music has some
really beautiful and intricate passages that go from a fast aggressive pace into a slower more
melodic pace. On the more Progressive Metal parts of the band they remind me a lot of the
SCALE THE SUMMIT mixed with some TWISTED INTO FORM. To add a little
more variety to their sound they add in some Death Metal elements to give the music a bit of
a raw more aggressive sound. The vocals is where most of the Death Metal influences come
into play because they mostly use mid ranged Death growls, but they do have some cleaner
and more melodic Prog Metal type vocals as well. The over all feel of the band would be as if
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME meshed with RUSH and became a Progressive Metal
band with some slight Mexican influences. A really nice change of what I usually get for
review. I'm kind of picky when it comes to Prog Metal music, but these guys have gone to the
top of my Prog Metal collection. The variety really helps me dig these guys a lot. If you
haven't heard them before, seek out this release and experience what
has to offer first hand. You won't be disappointed!!!