THE AMENTA, which means "underground" in Egyptian, hails from Sydney, New South
Wales, Australia. The band formed back in 2002 and play an Industrial styled form of
Death Metal music.
THE AMENTA have gone through a lot of changes over the years. In
the beginning they were more Experimental Metal with lots of different influences mixed
in. As the years went on and the band progressed they honed in on their signature sound of
a more Industrial Death Metal style. The band leans a little more towards the Death Metal
side, but the Industrial elements are all present through out. They tend to do some
experimenting in their songs with different arrangements, noises and song structures. I dig
the heavy dark and some what dreary vibe that runs through out most of their songs. There
is an old
MINISTRY meets new NINE INCH NAILS drowning in Death Metal type feel
to their music. I love a lot of the Industrial bands out there and am a die hard Death Metal
fan so I was loving every minute of "FLESH IS HEIR". The creepiness of their songs at
times is what really pulled me and made me like these guys a lot. It's like if
CARNIVORE combined with CARCASS & GODFLESH and spewed out a super group.
If your into any of the above mention bands and like a cold dark dreariness to your music,
then your gonna love