THE BRUTAL DECEIVER formed back in 2007 out of France. These guys have been
picking up more and more of a fan base as they go on. After one listen to "GO DIE, ONE
BY ONE", there is no surprise why. These guys play a mixture style of Metal, Hardcore &
Death Metal music, which would probably place them in the Metalcore or Deathcore genre.
Their music is a bit rougher with a more old school feel and attitude though. For the
majority of their music it falls on the Death Metal side, but because of the groove base and
some what more screaming vocals the Hardcore influences are very present as well. I really
like the fact that these guys are playing a very popular style of music, but they do it in a
way they really gives them their own sound and stand out amongst the herd. The really
spastic and chugging Hardcore parts were my favorite. There is such a thick and thunderous
almost lower ended grooving beat to most of their songs. The vocals have a very rough and
gritty low ended Death Metal growl / scream style mixed with some slightly higher
Hardcore screams. They do toss in a few Hardcore type scream alongs as well, which I
love. This is some of the best straight forward brutal as Hell in your face pissed of music I
have heard in a long time.
THE BRUTAL DECEIVER would be a great addition to any
Metal or Hardcore collection. I could see these guys touring with bands of both genres and
drawing in a huge response. One of the better bands I have heard coming out of France,
especially playing this style of music.