THE BUNNY THE BEAR is back with another album, that is hard to categorize. I dig
bands like this that do things outside the norm, where people either get it and love them or
don't and can't stand them. At first I wasn't sure I was going to get it and then the more I
heard the more I got sucked in. They play and experimental version of Hardcore / Metal
with a lot of Electro mixed within. The Experimental parts is because you never know
what direction they are going to go in and you never know what your going to be hit with
next. The majority of the music would probably fit in the Metalcore vein, but in no way
the typical Metalcore style. They will go from some crazy melodic and almost Pop style
of song and straight into this angry and pissed off sounding almost Death Metal type
song. They add in some more typical old school Hardcore elements along with some
modern Post Hardcore stuff. The Metal influences will go from Thrash Metal into Death
Metal and then into a Metalcore or Deathcore part. All this is going on while all being
melted with Electro music. The vocals also run the same path as the music. There are
harsh screaming Hardcore vocals with melodic and smooth Post Hardcore vocals, then
some low ended Death growls and then back into clean Pop style vocals and then some
crazy Electro Experimental vocals. I'm telling you, these guys are all over the place and it
sounds like it wouldn't work, but they pull it off. These guys are a band that must be
experienced in order to truly appreciate them. They remind me of a harder and more
aggressive version of
FAITH NO MORE mixed with BROKENCYDE. If that hasn't
gotten you intrigued, then I don't know what will!