If you have ever heard THE BUNNY THE BEAR before you know they are a bit hard to
explain and better if experienced first hand. They blend together many styles of music to
come up with their unique sound. They add in touches of Techno, Dance, Club, Dub Step,
Hardcore, Metalcore & some Pop sounds to create their style and sound. "IN LIKE
FLYNN" is actually the first video single from their third full length album "STORIES". In
this video the story is loosely based on the Shel Silverstein tale "The Giving Tree". It is
done as a puppet show and shows the love a young girl has for a tree. She plays around
this tree as a young girl and as she gets older the tree starts to rot. As the tree loses it's
limbs the girl gives her limbs to save the tree. The story is done live as well as the puppet
THE BUNNY THE BEAR are also there on stage singing and switch back and forth
between puppets and real people. The music is done in a Techno Beat style with some
Dub Step mixed in and kind of has a Pop Dance sound in spots. The vocals is where the
band really stands out, because the vocals kind of counter act each other. The Bear sings in
a melodic higher pitch melodic Pop style while The Bunny tends to sing in a more
screaming Hardcore or Metalcore style. These guys are actually really good, but since their
so different sounding and obscure I think people will either love them or hate them! Check
them out and experience them for yourself, you maybe surprised at how much you end up
liking them!