This is the first EP release from THE BUNNY THE BEAR which came out last year. The
whole album is done acoustic, hence the name of the EP. Even though on this release the
duo slow things down a bit they still bring forth their signature sound. The music has a bit
of a ballad like Rock song style that reminded me of some of the stuff you might hear on
an Alternative radio station. I really like the weirdness and kind of all over the place sound
they have on their normal releases, but this was a decent change for them. This is only four
tracks, which to me was enough to get the idea of how they wanted to do something
different. The songs convey a more melodic and emotional side of the band that we may
not have seen much of before. The two go back and forth with their vocals adding more
dynamics to the songs. I dig this little EP, but as said above prefer their crazy and spastic
and very original normal style of music. If your a fan of these guys already then you'll
want to check this out. If your checking them out for the first time you might want to snag
one of their other releases first to get a true idea of what they sound like.