THE CASKET CREW is a very cool Thrash Metal band hailing from Denver, Colorado.
These guys have been shredding since 2001 and "COERCION" is the bands third release
to date. The band plays a cool Thrash Metal style that borders on almost being Death
Metal music. The band definitely has that Thrash Metal element with the crunchy
shredding guitars and killer riffing, but they are much heavier that the typical Thrash Metal
band. The music is much more raw and grittier than a lot of Thrash Metal bands as well.
They also have a thick darkness that blankets their music and gives them a more creepier
sound. They have also added in some elements of Doom Metal which helps give them that
dark dreary and gloomy sound. I love when bands blend two or more styles together and
some how create a sound that sounds like their own and original. This is exactly what
has done. The vocals follow the same path as the music. There are some
clean throaty Thrash Metal vocals mixed with rough and scratchy Death Metal growls and
some slower darker Doom Metal vocals. This is my first time hearing these guys, but I
loved it and can't wait to check out more from them. These guys have a little something
that I think every Metal fan could like.
THE CASKET CREW have been around for
awhile and I think it will be their time to explode in the underground Metal scene!