Starring: Cola Hauser, Eddie Cibrian, Rick Rauanello, Lena Heady, Piper Perabo & more.

A group of underwater cave explorers hear about an unexplored cave dwelling in the waters of
Romania. They head out to the area & start their expedition. They set up camp & send out a scout
to check out the next section of the cave. Once there he is attacked by some unknown creature. The
rest of the group heads out & discovers all these new creatures living there. One creature infects
you with it's parasites & the parasite slowly takes over your body & mutates you into one of
them. This film looked like an
ALIENS rip off, but this was actually quite good & really didn't
have anything too much in common with
ALIENS. The effects as well as the story & acting were
really good. This film didn't do to well in the theaters, but did get some buzz on DVD!!!