Starring: Brooke Bailey, Sean Cook, Tom Olson, Wonder Russell, Bee Simonds & more.

This film is about a popular local band that plays gigs & raves & has  a strong following. When
they playing a gig & the club runs out of beer the majority of the people leave. The ones who stay
get locked in the club & need to find a way out. They discover the body of one of the groupies
ripped to shreds. They start panicking because there is a killer inside with them. One by one they
get picked off & the band it's self kids killed, each by their own equipment. The killer is revealed in
the end & is no really big surprise. This film was really terrible & extremely bad, from the acting,
lighting, filming, dialogue & story itself. The people who had anything to do with this should be
CHOKED! You've been warned, don't waste your time!