Starring: Madeline Zima, Andrea Roth, Josh Stewart, Juan Fernandez, Daniello Alonso & more.

There is a family that goes on vacation for a few weeks, so the contractor gets an advance on his
pay. Once he visits his ex-wife & daughter he finds out she owes lots of money to a lot of people.
He tells her he will help her out. He decides he is going to break into the wealthy families house &
steal from their safe. He breaks into the house & starts hearing noises. He expects someone else is in
the house. He quickly finds out there is a man in the house that has the whole family captive. He
tries to save the family from
THE COLLECTOR, who collects people & tortures them. This was
done by some of the guys who did the
SAW movies. You can tell while watching it cause it had that
feel. It was very killer movie, but I didn't like the ending too much, except they left it open for
another film!