Self Released

"PART OF YOU" is the first CD single that THE CORRIDORS released. This is the
first example of what you get that these guys have to offer. The music is done in a
melodic, Classic Rock / Pop Rock style with Electro influences mixed within. After
listening to the other, newer releases they put out you can hear the progression that the
band has made over the years. This song is done in a ballad type style, with some slower
melodies and choruses. The vocals are slightly different on this song, cause I can't hear
any John Lennon or
THE BEATLES influences anywhere. They have more of a 80's
New Wave mixed with Contemporary Adult Music influences. It almost doesn't sound
like the same band. This is where they started, but I preferred the sounds of where they
have progressed to on the newer material. This is not like the majority of the stuff I
receive for review, but if this is what you like, then check them out!