Self Released

This release is the newest offering from the band THE CORRIDORS. This 2 CD set is
done in a DVD type format. It comes in a DVD case with full wrap around cover and
two CDs included inside. The first CD is the bands "THE MOTION OF THE
WHEELS" which contains 7 tracks. This release probably is the best representation of
what the band has to offer. They play an Electro style of Rock music. This one kind of
has a more spacey or psychedelic vibe with some New Wave & Alternative type
influences. All this is covered with a 60's styled Pop Rock sound as well. This is
definitely a good sound for them cause I could see people who are into everything from
the 60's straight through the 70's, 80's, 90's and todays music really enjoying these guys.
The second CD is a 4 track "UNPLUGGED" release of different versions of their songs.
This band as mentioned above is big in their home country and will surely fit in on Pop /
Rock radio in the United States.