THE DIRTY PANTIES are an all girl Punk Rock band out of Las Vegas. They originally
formed in New York back in 2001. They later moved to Las Vegas and started making a name
for themselves in the Punk rock scene. These girls are a breath of fresh air after all these
cheesy Pop Punk bands that have flooded the scene over the years. The girls have a killer old
school New York Punk Rock sound that takes you back to a lot of the bands from the 80's.
The one band that kept coming back to mind the more I listened was one of my favorite
bands, The
LUNACHICKS!. Yeah, partly because they were all girls, but also because they
have that dirty Punk sound that comes out of New York. Their music is stripped down, raw
and gritty dirty Punk Rock music. Lead singer, Melanie does sound a lot like Theo from the
LUNACHICKS as well. I loved the "we don't give a fuck what you think" attitude they have
in their songs. This is how I remember Punk Rock sounding. Since the
no longer together,
THE DIRTY PANTIES are quickly becoming one of my favorite Punk
bands. I hope they hit Colorado on tour, cause I would love to see them live. These chicks
really know how to Rock and they do it better than most guys! Killer Punk Rock album from
the first song to the last!!! Loved this album!!!