Self Released

THE FINITE BEINGS is a two piece band that plays Rock / Metal music. The band
consists of Donny DePaola - Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Piano / Composer & Mike Nicholas -
Vocals / Drums / Lyricist / Composer. The two of them play a non traditional style of
Metal music that incorporates Classic Rock elements. The music is very melodic and kind
of spacey and tripping sounding at times. They pour a lot of emotional elements into their
songs and it shows. They write some very positive and uplifting lyrics. The music itself is
mostly done in a almost kind of RUSH type style, but more melodic and driven sounding. I
preferred the faster more gritty parts over the melodic stuff, but did dig it all. They are a
Christian Rock band, but don't come off as preachy or pushy in their music. I am not a
religious person, but good music is good music, so it doesn't bother me. If you like some
Classic Rock thrown into your Metal and Progressive Rock then your going to love