"BEYOND REDEMPTION" is the fourth full length release from Sweden's own THE
. These guys have been unleashing their madness since 1999 and haven't stop
since. They play a killer old school Swedish style of Death Metal music. The music has a
very brutal fast paced feel to it with lots of aggression and intensity. They also add in some
technical Death Metal influences, which are mixed all through out. The music does have
some touches of late eighties and early nineties American Death sounds as well. The band
has changed their sound a little over the years, but it is more of a progression than a straight
up change. The vocals are done in a thick mid ranged Death growl style. These guys may be
the same band that many of us remember from their time on
definitely are not the same band. These guys have advanced so much over the years and I
would have to say that "BEYOND REDEMPTION" is by far their best release to date. All
fans of old school brutal Swedish death metal want to get their hands on this amazing album.
The best Death Metal surely does come from Sweden &
THE FORSAKEN are all the
proof you need!