THE FRANKENHOOKERS is a killer Punk Rock band out of St. Louis, Missouri. These
guys have been kicking out some fun, pissed off Punk Rock music for many years now.
"POSEURS" was recorded in 5 days back in 2009. These guys take things back to the old
school Punk style. It reminds me of my early days of skateboarding in the early '80's and
listening to some crazy Punk bands, trading cassettes and going to Punk shows. There is a
raw and aggressive Punk sound at times and others there is a kind of Garage / Surf Punk
style with a '70's Punk sound. These guys almost sound like they could have come straight
out of England in the '70's. A lot of people don't like Punk music like this today, but this
sounds like the stuff I grew up on, so I am loving everything about these guys. I have a few
of their past releases and thing this is some of the best stuff they have done! If your a old
school Punk fan into '70's & '80's Punk then you must have these guys in your music
collection! Oi! Oi! Oi!