This album was recorded back in 2008 & has just now been released to the public. These
guys went through hell getting it recorded. They recorded in a horse stable turned studio.
There was one exposed wall that was holding the building up. It was freezing cold weather
outside and no heat inside. Plus on top of all this their guitar player quit a few hours before
they were to record this album. These guys pulled through & put out a very cool old school
styled Punk Rock release. The music has a real raw & quickly written & produced Punk
Rock vibe to it. It reminds me of when I first got into skateboarding in the early 80's &
everyone was listening to Punk Rock. There is a big 70's Horror Punk influence in their
sound as well. These guys are a killer old school Punk band & I can't wait to hear a lot more
from them in the future!