THE FUROR is a crushing Black / Death Metal band from Australia. THE FUROR has
been destroying the underground scene since 2002 and with the release of "IMPENDING
REVELATION" they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. They have changed their
sound a little over the years going from straight Black Metal to incorporating more Death
Metal into their music as they progressed. The music is ultra fast and super tight. It's cold
and harsh Black Metal at it's finest with a lot of War or Battle Metal tossed in the mix. As
you progress through this album you kind of feel like your on the battlefield and
experiencing all the chaos and mayhem of blood, guts and death all around you. I dig the
sometimes grooved out Death Metal parts that have been inner woven into their Black
Metal madness. The guitars reminded me of a faster and more aggressive version of early
VENOM mixed with some CELTIC FROST. The vocals are done in a thick mid ranged
groggy and hallowed Black Metal growl / scream style. I have been a fan of
since the release of their first album "INVERT ABSOLUTE" and even helped
distribute some of their releases over the years and can honestly say they have gotten
better and better with each new release. "IMPENDING REVELATION" is their best
material to date and I think it's going to be hard to top this one, but I can't wait to see them
do it!