THE GASHERS are a killer three piece Punk Rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. If you
are from that area then you may have known of them already. For those of you who don't,
they form out of the ashes of another Las Vegas Punk Rock band called the
PECCADILLEOS. They really built a name for themselves under their previous name and
they are doing the same under their new moniker.
THE GASHERS are a three piece that
consists of Jason on guitars & vocals, Sandy on drums & vocals and James on bass & vocals.
They play a crusty, dirty old school style of Punk Rock music. They remind me of a lot of
the killer Punk I used to listen to in the late eighties when I was skateboarding. The music is
raw, aggressive and pissed off, just the way Punk was meant to sound. They have a bit of a
West Coast meets New York meets England Punk Rock feel. I love the mix of the mail and
female harsh Punk screaming vocals. Sandy's vocals remind me of a mix between Theo &
Squid of the
LUNACHICKS, while the guys vocals remind me of MINOR THREAT,
& RANCID all rolled into one. I have been a huge Punk fan as long as I
can remember and I have been hungry for some really good new Punk bands.
has some quality Punk bands and THE GASHERS along with their label mates
THE DIRTY PANTIES are now one of my favorite Punk bands and they have been getting
a lot of play in my collection and will continue to for many years to come! I loved