THE GATES OF SLUMBER is a Doom Metal band hailing from Indiana. The band has
been playing their style of Doom since 1998. Their music is old school Doom Metal with
some Sludge & Death Metal influences through out. They have a very old school style of
Doom Metal that they play. This is a reissue of the bands same release back in 2004
originally put out by
FINAL CHAPTER RECORDS. There are a lot of thick slow grooved
out arrangements that constantly bring
BLACK SABBATH to mind along with some early
CROWBAR. Every Metal fan out there, especially Doom Metal fans, love BLACK
and their gonna love THE GATES OF SLUMBER too. The music tends to be a
little slower and more dragging then
BLACK SABBATH at times. The music reminds more
of the bands
SLEEP mixed with CLAMFIGHT in the faster parts. I loved the twists and
turns that the music takes along the way with you never knowing where it's going next. The
vocals of Karl Simon are done in a mid ranged, mellow drawn out Sludge style. This is
where I hear more of the
CROWBAR type influences with a 70's Stoner Metal vibe. I am
very picky when it comes to my Doom / Sludge / Stoner Metal bands and
are right at the top of my list of favorite bands of this style. Check them out,
cause your gonna find yourself grooving out to them, even if your not into this style of music!