"DISCLOSURE" is the tenth studio release from THE GATHERING. THE GATHERING
formed back in 1989 out of The Netherlands and has gone through many changes over they
years. They of course, like most bands have gone through some member changes, but along
the way they have also changed their sound too. They started out as a Death / Doom Metal
band, but slowly evolved into an Atmospheric Rock band. The music has gone from a hard
and heavy dark and dirty Doom / Death sound into a more polished and melodic Rock /
Metal style. With over twenty years of existence and over 1 million albums sold, there seems
to be no end in the evolution of
THE GATHERING. This new album sees the band doing
more experimenting and changing. They add in a lot more atmospheric and progressive parts
taking their sound to different heights. They also have very beautiful passages mixed with
some dark and dreary ones. It's like a fight between light and dark all through out their music.
The addition of vocalist Silje Wergeland back in 2009 has help take the band in new
directions and also expand their musical universe. There are some male vocals added in at
times courtesy keyboardist Frank Boeijen, who showcases his voice for the first time.
, and especially Silje's vocals kept bringing to mind LACUNA COIL, with
less Metal & Gothic influences, mixed with
SARAH BRIGHTMAN. I know a lot of people
have come and gone as being fans of
THE GATHERING over the years because of their
ever changing style and sound, but this is one band that has locked me in as a fan from the
beginning and keeps me wanting more and excited to see what they create next. One of the
best, most talented and under rated bands in the music scene, (other than their own country).
Open your mind and expand your Metal mind and let
THE GATHERING in. Wonderfully
beautiful and dark release!!!