THE GEEKS are one of the few Hardcore / Punk bands to ever come out of South Korea.
They've been around for over a decade, this high pitch Punk style vocals comes across
with high energy – fast paced
D.R.I. vs. S.O.D.-ish veins. It's Punk full on – hardly any
leads, but it's not a bad thing, it works.
THE GEEKS formed in 1999 by schoolmates Seo
Kiseok (vocalist) and Kang Junsung (guitarist), shortly after discovering the existence of
Korean Punk through the "OUR NATION" compilation put out by
The musicianship is tight and unruly. The writing is good and the production is clean, but
the mastering is a little low. Reminiscence of
SNFU influences of this work. But the
speed and rhythms are the name of the game here. They are the first Korean Hardcore
band to tour the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Due to their extensive travels and
organizing overseas tours in Korea, they are one of Korea's most-disseminated bands,
being widely known around the world in their own niche genre. The band originally began
as a straight-edge group, with all members abstaining from alcohol. The drinking culture
of Korea is very powerful, and Seo struggled to stay alcohol free in his freshman year of
college and his mandatory military service, claiming to have even been nearly attacked for
refusing to drink at one time. Despite violence problems in the straight-edge scene in
many parts of the world,
THE GEEKS are a non-violent band and have many friends
who are alcoholic. Lead vocalist Seo draws an X on the back of his hands in marker to
symbolize his straight-edge stance. Despite their straight-edge reputation, straight edge is
not one of the major messages of their lyrics. Currently, not all of the members are still
straight edge. Over all a great effort by
THE GEEKS. To Punk & Crossover fans it’s a
home run.(far from
GREENDAY) and that’s a good thing.

                                                         - Reviewed by Rody Heybaker - Metal Enthusiast