Starring: Noel Peters, Savannah, Stephanie Blake, Melissa Moore & more.

This is a low budget B movie from 1990. The film starts out with a little kid who is watching a girl
undress through his telescope, when his mom finds him & flips out on him. He grows up & goes to
medical school. He comes up with some medical serum to make you invisible. The experiment goes
wrong & he kills a bunch of the doctors he works with. He is placed in a mental institute &
eventually escape. He moves & becomes a biology teacher in a high school. He starts getting turned
on by all the girls in school & starts working on his invisibility serum again. It works this time, but
the side effects are worst & he goes very crazy. He rapes & kills the women in the school & just
kills the men. The movie was OK for a B movie. There was cheesy acting, bad special effects, but
there was a lot of topless women to make up for it!!!