Self Released

THE ISOSCELES PROJECT is a three piece instrumental band from Toronto, Canada.
These guys have a very powerful full sound that it's hard to believe it's only three guys.
"BRIDGES" is the bands sophomore full length album. The music is based in the Metal
genre, but has some other elements thrown in the mix. There is some really strong
Progressive Metal mixed with Progressive Rock and even some Modern Rock and
Traditional Heavy Metal. This release may only be three tracks long but each track is over
ten minutes to nearly fifteen minutes long. The way these songs are thought out and
structured, you can tell these guys are well experienced musicians. These tracks would be
ruined if any type of vocals would be added.
reminds me of another great band from Canada and that's the amazing
RUSH! Not that
these guys sound like
RUSH, but they have the same musicianship, style and vibe as