HOLY SHIT! This is some of the best Grindcore I have heard since one of my favorites
NASUM. THE KILL is a violent ball of chaos from Australia playing Grindcore music at
it's best. These guys have been around since 2000 and seem to have no end is site. They are
destroying everything in their paths. The music is ultra fast and ultra violent in every way.
They go from straight forward Grindcore to straight forward Grindcore. The music is
Grindcore through and through. You can hear some elements of Death Metal and even
some Thrash Metal from time to time. There is even some Crustcore thrown in the mix.
THE KILL is the perfect name for these guys, because that what they do...KILL in every
aspect. I know a lot of people think Grindcore is just a massive wall of noise, which it is,
but these guys are the best at it. I loved "KILL THEM...ALL" from beginning to end. This
is Grindcore at it's finest. If you dig early
BIRDFLESH & DISMEMBERED FETUS then you are going to absolutely love THE
. Get this album and prepare for the beating of your life, that you will gladly
welcome over and over again!
BLASTASFUK is right!!!!