Starring: Amanda Donohoe, Hugh Grant, Catherine Oxenberg, Peter Capaldi, Sammi Davis & more.

In a remote corner of England a mysterious skull is unearthed and brought back to the city. Lady
Sylvia then steals the skull to be used in her erotic worshipping of a Pagan god. This being The
White Worm who hungers for the taste of virgin flesh. She then kidnapped a young lady who
becomes the damsel in distress. Hugh Grant must now search out the lair and rescue the young
virgin. This film is done in a more modern style of Ed Wood type films, just done a bit better as
well. The film is adapted from a Bram Stoker novel. There is a lot of really bizarre and weird stuff
going on in this film. It's not a straight up Horror flick, but is definitely weird enough to please many
Horror fans out there. It is a must for at least one viewing.