Starring: Monic Potter, Tony Goldwyn, Garret Dillahunt, Aaron Paul, Riki Lindhome & more.

This is another remake of the first film that Wes Craven did back in the 70's of the same name. The
film follows a family who live far into the woods down a long dirt road with very few houses
nearby. The live at "the last house on the left" The two young girls go out on their own to head out
to the nearby small town. Along the way they run into a young boy who asks them to come with
him to smoke some weed. The girls follow him back to a hotel room. There the kids father and two
friends come in and start beating the girls a torturing them. They take them on a little horrific ride
and continue with the torturing. This remake is really good and mostly stuck to the story of the
original., but the original was much more brutal through out, that you almost thought it was real.